Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian and the Arima Borough Council have strongly condemned the actions of vendors who have staged what has been described as a rebellion against the administrative decision to restructure the Arima Market.

The Council stated that officials at the Arima Borough Corporation, last year, took a decision to reorganize the vendor’s stalls.

This decision, it stated, followed a directive from the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service which indicated that the market area violated Health and Safety protocol.

The council confirmed that there was a series of meetings held between the Corporation’s administration and the vendors to discuss reducing congestion at the market.

Following these meetings, the council said, it was decided that the lines for the stalls would be repainted and reorganized.

In a media release the Borough Council explained that upon commencement of the restructuring on Thursday, the vendors refused to accept the new arrangements.

The council states that it was informed that the administration, then, forwarded a written notice which requested the vendor’s compliance or the market’s closure from today until the decision was accepted.

The council confirms that the vendors refused this arrangement.

The council has recommended to the administration that this weekend be used to finalize the changes.