Arima Mayor, Lisa Morris Julian, maintains that the Borough Council is willing to work with vendors in addressing their concerns but insists that it has to remove the delinquent ones from the market.

Earlier today some disgruntled vendors protested outside the market as the facility was being cleaned and sanitised.

Speaking with News Power Now, President of the Arima Open Market Vendors Association, Ernest Lewis Junior said they have repeatedly tried to get a meeting with the Mayor to discuss matters of concern but this has not materialised.

Mayor Morris Julian said the Borough will do what is required to ensure the market operates in an organised way and a decision was taken to institute a new committee to deal with policies which govern the use of the Arima Market.

Appointed to this committee was one representative from the Council, one official from the Arima Borough Corporation, one Health Inspector and one registered vendor.

On Friday the Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer indicated in a media release that the delinquent vendors have one month with which to pay outstanding fees adding that these delinquent vendors have cost tax payers tens of thousands of dollars each month.