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Aripo Livestock Station to be Revamped with Increased Innovation.

Aripo Livestock Station to be Revamped with Increased Innovation.

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat, today announced what has been described as an ambitious plan to revamp local livestock farming through a number of public-private partnerships.

He said it will begin with a project to modernize the 1,176 acre Aripo Livestock Station where, for more than a decade, production of meat, dairy and breeding stock has fallen to inconsequential levels amid surging imports.

In a media release the Ministry said it formally invited expressions of interest in the Aripo project in newspaper advertisements, which are to be published during the week.

It explained that according to the guidelines, government is seeking partners with the capital, technology and experience to transform the Aripo Livestock Station into a major source of affordable, large-ruminant breeding stock for local farms.

The Ministry noted that by leveraging capital and innovation to enhance breeding stock supply at Aripo, small-scale farms could become competitive again.

The new operation is also expected to become a significant producer of milk and beef in line with environmental best practices.


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    Are these employees at the station going to be dismissed from their jobs as a result off the new plans at the station or not