DIAZ3940Congress of the People candidate for Arouca/Maloney, Wendell Eversley has promised to walk with his constituents, hear their cries and adhere to their pleas for help.

Speaking on the ‘Keeping it Real’ programme this morning on Power 102.1fm, Eversley claimed that he would change the game of politics.

He said that he would ensure that all residents of Arouca/Maloney were satisfied and their issues dealt with.
Remembering the 1990 attempted Coup, Eversley said that he was at the Red House and felt disheartened that there was not enough recognition by the Mayor of the Capital City to the 25th Anniversary.

Eversley said he intends to change the minds and thinking of all citizens who may feel abandoned.


Arouca/Maloney Congress of the People candidate, Wendell Eversley.