The seized items.

The Trinidad Newsday Newspaper is reporting the arrest of three prison officers on allegations that they attempted to smuggle cellphones and related electronic accessories into the Golden Gove Remand Yard and Maximum Security Prison in Arouca. News Power Now has no independent confirmation of the arrest, however, in Newsday’s report on the matter, it states that Prison Commissioner, Gerald Wilson confirmed the officers’ arrest, to them.

The article states that Commissioner Wilson said the arrest comes following  heightened security measures implemented at the nation’s prisons earlier this month. He also indicated that three visiting members of the public were also caught attempting to smuggle drugs stashed inside watermelons earlier this week.

“We have improved our intelligence capabilities and we continue to adopt a zero tolerance approach to prison officers who run afoul of the system and it’s policies. It is just a matter of continuing to do the same.” – Prison Commissioner Gerald Wilson.