Arrive Alive says it is confident that a thorough and unbiased investigation will be conducted into the accident involving an army truck which led to the death of an elderly woman.

Speaking with News Power, Arrive Alive President, Sharon Inglefield, said the police have confirmed to them that the army driver broke a red light which resulted in the crash.

She said given the Police’s history of conducting fair investigations into matters of this nature she is confident that justice will be served.

She is also calling on the national security authorities to remind their drivers that they must set an example and obey the nation’s road laws.


Meanwhile, the victim’s niece, Attorney Pamela Elder has  also expressed confidence that justice will be served.

An emotional Ms Elder told News Power that the video footage of the incident, which has been circulating on social media, speaks for itself.

Between her tears, she expressed her optimism that the family would heal as they were very tight knit.