Trinidad and Tobago entertainer, Kern Joseph, best known by his stage sobriquet, Trinidad Killa, has issued a legal warning to the People’s National Movement’s candidate for Point Fortin, Kennedy Richard Jr. in light of copyright infringement and the illegal use of his creative adaptation of his work.

In a legal document submitted on July 30th by attorney representing Joseph, Tamara Gregorio, it is stated that the artiste’s work was illegally used during the party candidate’s campaigning ahead of the August 10th General election. “I think it is unfair and unethical that my work is being used by the political party without my consent and further to that, without an agreement of payment facilitation for my creative adaptation,” said Joseph. His legal documentation submitted to the candidate, indicates that if the party does not move to cease their illegal action, High Court proceedings will commence.

Trinidad Killa’s music has, in recent years, grown in popularity particularly among the country’s youth, a target demographic by both major political parties. “I offered two different songs to both major political parties, for consideration of purchase by either. I was disappointed to learn that the People’s National Movement’s candidate for Point Fortin breached all legal protocol by playing what was essentially, a demo done, without completing an agreement for compensation. I did not authorize the party via contract, to play my song and they are infringing on my copyright,” said Joseph. He said all effort to amicably find common ground on the issue, has proven futile.