ASP Michael Pierre

ASP Michael Pierre

Public information officer of the Police Service, ASP Michael Pierre is asking his colleagues to detain any member of the Unruly ISIS gang if they are spotted.

On Monday more than 20 photographs of members of the gang were sent to various police stations.

The photographs carry the names and nicknames of the gang members, including that of a woman were circulated to several police stations for identification sent out by the Criminal Gangs and Intelligence Unit.

ASP Michael Pierre said there have been claims that over the past few months several of the alleged gang members have been involved in criminal activities in the Enterprise, Chaguanas area.

Investigations are currently underway in the killing of Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis and the man identified as his killer, Thomas “Hamza” Sharpe, of Walter Lane, Enterprise.

According to police reports Hamza was also a member of the Unruly ISIS gang.