9f1634312ad4d7a17e57c1e1c6bc65e5New currency issued by Central Bank has been engaging the attention of many on social media, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

People have been sharing images of a new $50 polymer bill claiming that it is a counterfeit of the original which was brought into circulation in December 2014.

On numerous social media posts, users shared photos of the bills noting a difference in text and color cliaiming that it was being duplicated by fraudsters.

However the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has acknowledged the new $50 bill in circulation.

It explained that the changes were made to assist the visually-impaired and update the latest polymer currency.

Charlene Ramdhanie, Central Bank’s Senior Manager of Strategic Communications and International Relations, said that the $50 bill had not been counterfeited and members of the public should not worry as it was still of good use.

Ramdhanie added the changes to the notes were made after consultation with the Blind Welfare Association.

Blind Welfare Association Chief Executive officer Kenneth Surratt said the association had been working with Central Bank for years now.

Surrattt added that Trinidad and Tobago is the first country, excluding Canada to make our currency accessible.