Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi

There has been a call for the Integrity Commission to investigate Attorney General Faris Al Rawi.

The call comes from UNC Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge.

He has claimed that the AG was involved in what he described as a questionable loan agreement between the
Housing Development Corporation and Noel Garcia.

He maintains that Garcia who was Managing Director of the HDC at the time and is currently the chairman of
Udecott, was granted a loan from the HDC.

Sturge produced documents at a press conference yesterday, which he claimed were questionable transactions.


UNC Opposition Senator, Wayne Sturge

However on the Power Breakfast Morning Show this morning on Power 102.1fm, Al Rawi sought to set the record
straight by giving the facts.

He stated that he himself kept records of the transaction, and the facts paint a very different picture
than what Mr. Sturge was intimating.

He went on to explain that he did not advise the board, in fact he revealed that the board took its own

He also questioned how anyone could take the Opposition Senator seriously.

He also explained that it was not an uncommon practice for any company to facilitate a loan to its


Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi