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Attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj criticises disciplinary action against John Jeremie by Gov’t

Former Attorney-General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is criticising what he says is an attack to the rule of law, as it pertains to a move by the Government to initiate disciplinary action against former attorney general John ­Jeremie.

The matter is in respect to Jeremie’s legal representation of shareholders in the CL Financial liquidation court matter under the Legal Profession Act.

According to the state, Jeremie was privy to all the Government information with respect to the intervention into CL Financial when he was Attorney General between May 2009 and May 2010.

However, Maharaj issued a statement, which in part says that Mr Jeremie has not only the right to represent his clients but his clients have the constitutional right to representation of their choice.  Mr Jeremie is a critical element of the team.

Maharaj says Government has today mounted a desperate and cowardly attack on the integrity of a Senior Counsel hiding behind the title of the anonymous source.

Additionally, Maharaj says this is an attack on the independence and fearlessness of Attorneys-at-Law to defend their clients in the interests of justice. It is also an attack on the rule of law and the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.”