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Attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj says matters regarding Marcia Ayres-Caesar need to be public

Attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has said matters regarding former Chief Magistrate, Marcia Ayers-Caesar, needs to be public. This as media reported on Friday that attempts were being made by the Judiciary to have documents against the Judical and Legal Service Commission and the President, sealed.

Ayers-Caesar initiated legal action against the JLSC and the President in July for the decision to strip her of her position as a High Court judge.

She is seeking to have the court judicially review the move by the JLSC, which she says is illegal.

Maharaj indicated that he had written the registrar of the Supreme Court requesting confirmation of the media reports and a description of the process used to issue the order but this has been to no avail. He also noted that no application had been served on him, his law firm or his client.

Maharaj said the Civil Proceedings Rules of Trinidad and Tobago and the established principles of public law provide that whenever there is a hearing of a Judicial Review application it should be heard in public. Adding, the inherent jurisdiction of the court could not be used to prevent a public hearing in any matter when there was sufficient public interest for the proceeding to be heard.