Embattled Oil Company A&V, apologises for the attacks against working journalists, while proposing a tour of its facilities and a subsequent news conference.

The Owners of the drilling company A&V Oil and Gas have alleged that journalists who were assaulted during three separate incidents last week, were on their premises. Despite this however, the company is offering apologies for the attacks and the damage to the photographers’ equipment. The company is also offering a tour of its facilities, scheduled for September 21st.

In a statement issued through the offices of Attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj yesterday, the company said “notwithstanding the exercise of strict legal rights when the incident occurred with members of the media upon entering property without its permission,” the company extends its apologies to members of the media, with particular reference to those members of the media who were involved in the incident.

The statement said the company had received legal advice and notwithstanding its rights, to the enjoyment of one’s property, the company tenders its apologies and accepts that it has an obligation in the matter to co-operate with the media to facilitate and provide the media and the public with information with respect to the allegations leveled against it.

The statement also said A and V CEO Hanif Baksh was inviting members of the media to participate in a tour of its facilities. This is scheduled for 10 am, Thursday September, 21st. This is to be followed by a news conference, to be held on or about Saturday, September 23rd.