The Road Traffic Demerit Points system will officially be implemented in April. The Transport Minister has given motorists one month’s grace to become familiar with the new system.

First of all, you must know the law. You must know what actions can get you pulled over. Take a look at this chart:

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Every driver starts with zero (0) demerit points on his/her driving permit record.
  • The vast majority of the traffic offenses and violations form part of the Traffic Ticketing System and the Demerit Points System.
  • Demerit points are placed on a person’s driving permit record only after payment of a Traffic Ticket.
  • Failure to pay the Traffic Ticket and/or contest the Traffic Ticket within the prescribed time frame; or conviction before a court for a traffic violation or offence that carries demerit points, will result in demerit points being placed on a person’s driving permit record.
  • Demerit Points will stay on your record for a maximum of two (2) years.
  • Once two (2) consecutive years have passed without the driver accumulating additional demerit points, these points will automatically be removed from his/her driving permit record.
  • If a driver reaches their maximum threshold of demerit points according to the law, he or she can be disqualified from driving for a specified period.
  • For the purpose of administering demerit points and disqualification periods, there is a distinction between:
    • A newly licensed driver or provisional permit holder (an individual who holds their driving permit for a period of twelve (12) months or less from the date of issue).
    • An experienced driver (an individual who holds their driving permit for a period of more than twelve (12) months from the date of issue).