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Baby Beaten to Death in Palo Seco. Teenage, Male Cousin Arrested.

Baby Beaten to Death in Palo Seco. Teenage, Male Cousin Arrested.

A 15 month old child was beaten to death, allegedly at the hands of a 17-year-old family member, on Wednesday. The child, Racquel George, suffered blunt force trauma to the back, spine and head, according to an autopsy report.

The child, according to police reports, had been left in the care of the teenage boy at home, while her mother, Charlene George went to work. The grieving mother is a Special Reserve police officer. The child’s father is also a member of the Special Reserve Police and works with the  Praedial Larceny Squad.

The teenage boy had been entrusted with the child on Wednesday morning but when the Racquel’s mother returned to the house at around 8:30pm, she found the toddler unresponsive. She was rushed to the Siparia District Health Facility where confirmation came that she had died. The teenage boy- the woman’s nephew, had fled the scene of the crime but a manhunt for him ensued and police have since captured him.

Residents told the Newsday Newspaper that they heard the child crying before 3pm but paid her alerts no mind. It was only when the mother returned home and was confronted with the child’s lifeless body that neighbours learnt of the situation.