The Parliament is today almost guaranteed to be a raucous environment with a planned motion of no confidence within the chambers and a planned protest outside.

The Opposition in the House of Representatives is set to debate a motion of no confidence against Minister of works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan over the collapse of the sea bridge.

While this debate takes place, there have been calls on social media for protests both in support of and against Minister Sinanan.

The opposition United National Congress is however urging all persons planning to protest during today’s sitting of the House of Representatives to do so peacefully.

In a statement, the UNC said it has taken note of the planned protests and demonstrations to be held today.

The UNC also noted that it has seen information that government workers are being directed to appear outside Parliament in support of Minister Sinanan.

It said while it is expected that concerned citizens will come out in their numbers to let their voices be heard on the matter, it urges all who wish to demonstrate in front of Parliament in condemnation or support of the Minister to do so peacefully and with respect for the laws of the land.