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Back to School. Malick Secondary School to Reopen on Monday.

Back to School. Malick Secondary School to Reopen on Monday.

There has been an assurance that the Malick Secondary School will be ready to house students and teachers come Monday morning.

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia

Vice President of the school’s PTA Karen Walters, made the disclosure today.

The Institution has been plagued with a myriad of issues for several months now, including a rat, dog and flea infestation as well as electrical problems.

Parents have also complained about the school’s curriculum.

Less than a week ago the Minister of Education Anthony Garcia as well as other Ministry officials visited the school to discuss issues at the facility.

He said that all of the issues facing the Institution had to be fixed in the space of one week. A meeting was held this morning with the Chief Education Officer, Harrilal Seecharan and other Ministry officials.

Speaking with News Power Now today PTA Vice President Walters revealed that she was given the assurance by Mr. Seecharran after the meeting that the school will be ready for both teachers and students on Monday.

Dr. Lovell Francis

Meanwhile Minister in the Ministry of Education Lovell Francis says while everything has not been fixed school should be ready for Monday morning.

Speaking to News Power Now said that all is being done to ensure the safety and comfort of staff and students at the Institution come Monday morning.

He also assured that issues with the curriculum were also being addressed.