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Bandit killed in robbery attempt.

Bandit killed in robbery attempt.

CrimeAn unknown bandit was killed yesterday morning after he attempted to rob a Valsayn couple.
His throat was slit when he was pushed through a glass window by the home’s owner during a scuffle.
According to police reports the man broke into the Gerauds Butu Street, Valsayn home around 11:30 am with a piece of iron in his hands.
The man was said to have come through the bathroom window, where he was then confronted by the head of the home in the kitchen and the pair started to fight.
Police said during the scuffle Geraud shoved the bandit into a glass door, where the bandit was cut due to broken glass and he subsequently bled to death.
Inspector Siewdass of the St Joseph Police Station is continuing investigations.


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    This is a serious case for the bandits union.What compensation will the widow of the bandit get from the state? Obviously the man was killed on duty.Inspector Siewdass has to check out the identity of the man.First he has to check the police files if the bandit was a police man whose sideline was being a burglar.However, this is a sad day for the burglars and hopefully Mr. Geraud will never meet such a visitor again.