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Beetham Gardens residents protest

Residents of the Beetham Gardens were planning to continue protest action this morning

But the move was quelled by police who quickly moved into the area and removed the tyres and other effects that were to be used as obstacles across the Beetham highway

Last night the group blocked off the Beetham highway and the Priority Bus Route in protest at an incident between police officers and a criminal suspect

It’s alleged that the incident stemmed from Friday’s shooting and wounding of a man whom police were pursuing through Beetham gardens Phase 3
Residents say the man was unarmed

When the officers finally apprehended the man residents came out protesting the fact that officers had shot at the man even though he was not in possession of any weapons

The residents began throwing missiles at the officers and the stand-off resulted in residents blocking the highway and the Bus Route with burning debris

There were also reports of residents throwing objects at passing vehicles

However the police were able to bring the situation under control by around 4 O’clock on Saturday morning however officers remained in the area for several hours

The injured suspect was allowed to go free