Residents of Beetham Gardens are today appealing to authorities to answer to their cries for help regarding the massive construction work on the highway, which has led to drains overflowing causing water to spill into their homes.

News Power Now spoke with Phase 3 resident Sylvia Gittens who said several drains are filled up to 3 feet of water extending from Phase 3-5 which she claims is a result of the heavy construction work being done on the highway.

Ms Gittens added that during rainy weather condition the river will overflow into resident’s yards.

Ms Gittens said she contacted Local Government Councillor, Akil Audain for the Picton/Beetham area about the situation and was told a bigger pump would be needed to release the water from several drains.

Gittens said she is resides close to Servol Life Centre and have recorded sightings of caimans in some drains.

Some residents are trapped in indoors and are unable to leave their homes due to the flooding in the area.

To date nothing has been done regarding the immense water filled drains.