The Banking Insurance and General Workers Union is condemning the dismissal of a journalist from a local newspaper after 8 years with the organization

In a release today the BIGWU claimed that journalist Rhonda Dowlatt was fired from the Trinidad Newsday because she had reported the actions of a group of police officers to the Commissioner of Police

The release says on September 4th Dowlatt experienced hostile conduct and attitude from police officers when she attempted to notify them of a vehicular accident in Carapichaima

Dowlatt, who won 2 awards for journalism from the Newsday, reported the conduct of the officers to the Commissioner of Police and signed her name on the report adding that she was a Newsday employee

BIGWU says that because of Dowlatt’s report the Freeport police station refused to provide information on crime to the newspaper

The union says that it was this, in addition to the fact that Ms. Dowlatt was a Union Shop Steward, which led to her dismissal

BIGWU says these reasons will not stand up in the Industrial Court