Police are investigating the discovery of a male body wrapped in garbage bags, cloth and linoleum, which was fished out of the Ste Madeleine pond yesterday morning.

Reports state that police discovered the body after receiving a call at approximately 8:15am of a strange object in the pond near the defunct Usine Ste Madeleine Factory.

Investigators believe the man was murdered elsewhere and his body dumped in the pond.

Reports also reveal that the body was bloated and had already begun decomposing. The hands and feet were bound with wire and a cloth was wrapped around his neck.

Linoleum, garbage bags and cloth were wrapped around the body and tied with wire. The corpse was clad in black three quarter pants.

Police suspect the man was of light brown complexion, mixed decent and medium built.

The words “star boy” were tatooed on the left arm.

Police authorities are asking anyone who may know of someone fitting this description to contact them immediately.