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Breaking News – MARLENE FIRED

Marlene McDonaldPrime Minister has revoked Marlene McDonald’s appointment as Housing Minister. Though the details are not fully revealed , the former Minister has been the center of allegations of misuse of public office. This heated controversy over the last few weeks, has left  Dr Keith Rowley facing  numerous calls by the Opposition and the public to remove her as Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

Public Administration Minister Randall Mitchel has been assumed her portfolio

Full Story to follow


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    This is the first time the new Primeminister made a decision without a consent. All over his life his decision were made on consent. His first sexual relationship when he was 18 was based on consent. Also later on when he made other women pregnant everything was based on consent. Nobody knows for sure if there was ever a sexual relationship between Dr. Keith from Mason Hall and fatty Marlene McDonald but this time nobody can talk about consent anymore. Marlene was fired by Dr. Keith Rowley MP for Diego Martin and ruler of sunshine paradise T&T. Sorry fat Marlene now you can work up to your name and sell burgers at McDonald’s.