Most startups require a ‘seed’ or ‘angel’ investor, or venture capital financing, to get up and running. They often prepare what’s called a ‘pitch deck’, comprising a power-point or slide presentation with a summary description of the company, team members, products and other information deemed key. But it requires attention to detail, including content and running order.
Tricia Coosal, a director of the Coosal’s Group of Companies and businessman, Joe Pires,- representing potential investors, Navin Dookeran, a lecturer at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, and Shernelle Hills-Fife, founder of de Jeunesse Bath and Body Works(, who’s pitched successfully to the likes of the Inter-American Development Bank), discuss the issue, and offer advice in areas such as major selling points, legal issues, and valuation.
Part of the panel, too,- returning from last week, are development officer, Karen Sukha, and marketing officer, Jessica Ramoutar, of CARIRI. They also talk about August 8’s Launch It session, which provides info on training programmes to help grow one’s business.