The Finance Secretary in the Tobago House of Assembly, Joel Jack, offers perspectives on the $4.71 billion-dollar budget for 2020, that he presented earlier in the day.
Then, the chairman of the Barbados-based BITT Inc, Peter George, makes a case for the wider use of ‘blockchain’ technology(which digitally records cryptocurrency transactions), saying “it would change how business is done in the Caribbean for the better”.
Audra Francis, communications officer of WHY(or We Help You-ths)Farm, talks about the organization’s latest initiative: to find ‘the next top agri’preneur’.
And, with the necessary legislative and other changes still pending for the government’s stated target of 10% of power from ‘renewables’ by 2021, John Colthrust, System Planning and Research Manager at a key agency, the Trinidad+Tobago Electricity Commission, gives an update on the ongoing preparatory work.