The difference between doing something within budget, or with cost overruns, or achieving the most revenue or best industry position depends on how well the process is overseen.
Programme Director of the Masters in Institutional Innovation and Effectiveness, and lecturer at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, Dr. Joseph Khan, explains how project management can make or break a business.
Amidst ongoing discussions about intra-regional travel (and the associated costs), we go virtual island-hopping, to hear how 5 Caribbean territories are pitching to potential visitors from Trinidad, which is a significant source market.
And, Teacher, Donna Poon Chong, and student, Maali Rose, both of St. Augustine Girls’ High School, reflect on winning the Trinidad leg of a regional Hack-a-Thon to boost female participation in technology, alongside Raj Ramdass, whose RSC Tech Clubs are an event partner.