Late August to early September, Hurricane Dorian again showed the devastating power of tropical weather systems. The often long process of recovery, relief, and re-building of infrastructure and lives that follows includes operations to restore power, communications, and services. Brian Acham and José Pardo (Redcom/Microdyne), Christine Van der Heide, Brian Haire (The Adex Corp) and Kevin Kowalik (HCI Energy) offer some technology and practical solutions for disaster preparation and management.
With Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, set to deliver the 2019/20 Budget on October 7, a 4-part series of excerpts begins with noted economist, Dr. Ralph Henry, of Kairi Consultants, giving his thoughts about what’s needed to ignite the economy.
And Yoland Agard-Simmons, of the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad+Tobago (AFETT) gives details about the latest edition of their ‘Suit Me Up’ campaign, that offers women workplace attire at heavily-discounted prices, and helps fund university bursaries for them.