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By-Election victory represents a most dangerous development in T&T politics, COP…

Prakash Ramadhar COPThe COP has congratulated the successful candidate and returning Member of Parliament for the constituency of Chaguanas West.

However, the party says the victory represents a most dangerous development in the politics of this country.

The release signed by COP leader, Prakash Ramadhar, states that they have witnessed the emergence of a new vulgar concept of the politics of money, based on the personal wealth of an individual, versus politics of addressing of the issues as in 2010.

This outcome it says also signals that the people are not satisfied with the performance of the government after three (3) years.cop2

However, the COP says it is not a failure of coalition politics, rather it is a demand that the People’s Partnership critically and sincerely re-examine its practice in keeping its commitments to the people and delivering good governance.

Last night, immediately following the announcement of an overwhelming victory of the Independent Liberal Party, Mr. Ramadhar made an urgent appeal for a meeting with the Peoples Partnership members.

“I call for a meeting of all the leaders of the parties of the People’s Partnership at the earliest possible opportunity to determine the direction that the coalition and government must now take,” COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar.