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Cabo star set to make its trial run

Newly-arrived cargo vessel, the Cabo Star makes its trial run later today and is set for full operations between Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend.

So says Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan.

Speaking on the issue earlier today, Minister Sinanan insisted that the  process used in acquiring the cargo vessel, was above board.

Meanwhile the passenger vessel, the Ocean Flower Two will begin operations by the end of this month.

Regarding recent problems with the seabridge, Minister Sinanan stressed that the Port Authority has done everything it can to ensure that those problems are minimized.

The Port management has leased both vessels from Canadian company, Bridgemans Services. In a statement, it said Bridgeman’s is a privately owned Canadian Partnerships company, involving Canadian and US resident shareholders, none of which has any local connections.

The statement has dismissed speculation concerning BSG’s experience and capabilities to meet the specific needs of the Transport Ministry as misleading and erroneous.