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Calypsonians say stalwarts of the art form should be cherished

Veteran Calypsonian Dr Hollis Liverpool better known as Chalkdust reveals that the Save the Calypso Series is one of the avenues being used to promote and highlight the work and life of stalwarts of the art form.

The initiative has the backing of the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

This development was highlighted by Chalkdust as he reflected on the life of Samuel Abraham or Brigo who passed away on Tuesday afternoon at hospital.

In a News Power Now interview Chalkdust indicated that UTT  has been doing its part  to remember  and  recognize the contribution of those in the calypso arena that have laid the platform for others to follow and build on.


Chalkdust also recounted the fond memories he had of Brigo and the passion he displayed for the art form.


Meanwhile, another Calypsonian Brian London, in an interview this afternoon told us that he shared a personal relationship with Brigo and admired his style of presentation.


Mr London added that it’s important that the stalwarts of Calypso are appreciated and cherished by the country.