The Prime Minister says the government  is taking steps to have matters surrounding the controversial Cambridge Analytica brought to the parliament.

This follows an earlier announcement by the Attorney General of an audit among  state agencies, after a representative of Cambridge Analytica said the firm had worked on a political campaign worked for the former People’s Partnership government.

There have been allegations globally that the firm used data mining on social media platform Facebook to target ads and other marketing efforts to help Donald Trump win the United States Presidential election.

Dr. Rowley told reporters there is need to have the issue form part of discussion in the parliament.

He said also the government planned to have the issue addressed by the relevant Joint Select Committee of Parliament, this one headed by Fitzgerald Hinds, Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General, and Member of Parliament for Laventille West.

But in reaction to these comments, the Opposition United National Congress says it has nothing to fear.

Speaking with NewsPower now this afternoon, UNC Public Relations Officer, Senator Anita Haynes brushed off the issue, saying the Prime Minister was free to do as he pleases.