Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, Camille Robinson Regis, is dismissing claims by the Opposition that the Government reneged on an agreement on the Property Tax/Valuation of Land Amendment Bill debate last week Friday.

Nineteen government members voted in support of the legislation while twelve opposition members voted against.

During the proceedings two Members of Parliament from the government and two from the Opposition contributed to debate on the bill.

Speaking on the Power breakfast on Power 102.1fm on Monday, Mrs. Robinson Regis explained that she did discuss with the Opposition Chief Whip David Lee before the deliberation, that both sides had three speakers.

She said that there was also an understanding that debate on the bill could go for more than one day.

However, she said at the start of the debate, Opposition Member Ganga Singh told the House Speaker that the matter was before court and as such it should not be deliberated upon in the parliament.

Meanwhile, Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr. Suruj Rambachan, reflecting on what happened, said it appeared that matters agreed upon between both sides before the debate, were not kept.