The firing of the former Minister of Sport has not produced any public reaction from the Leader of Government Business and Chairman of the PNM’s Women League Camille Robinson Regis, the Minister of Planning and Development.

Mrs. Robinson–Regis recently chastised reporters for asking questions of her on the matter. As carried in the Sunday Express, she said these are attempts to make a story out of what she described as a non-story.

She said the issue of the alleged $150,000 payment  of taxpayers’ money was the result of a settlement at the Industrial court in a wrongful termination matter.

Similar comments were also carried in the Newsday newspaper on April 3, in which she was reported as saying:

“I don’t know where you all are getting this story. It is a clear case before the Industrial Court and the issue was the process used for dismissal. The media is trying to make a story out of a non-story. I don’t know if you all are pursuing real issues (instead of) trying to set an agenda. I am very sorry you all have made a story out of something that was an Industrial Court matter.

With Yesterday’s dismissal of Daryl Smith, Mrs. Robinson-Regis is yet to comment.

The Guardian Newspaper quotes her this morning as saying only that she had been asked by the Prime Minister to probe the process used for settlement of Moreau’s claim.

She said based on her investigations, she had submitted the information she had obtained, to the Prime Minister, and following that, he acted on Monday.

She added that further information came to light leading the Prime Minister to revoke the appointment of Mr. Smith. She did not reveal whether or not she knew what that additional information was. termination