A Joint Committee between the Tobago House of Assembly and Caribbean Airlines Limited has been set up to monitor the recent $50 change fee introduced by the airline.

Committee members received their letters of appointment on Tuesday and the first meeting was convened at the head office of the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation.

The committee will operate for a six month period effective June 01 to November 30 and has been given the mandate to review and evaluate the introduction of the change fee.

The committee also has the responsibility to determine the achievement of CAL’s primary objective, which is to improve the customer’s travel experience.

Other responsibilities of the Committee include but are not limited to: reviewing the operations of CAL on the domestic air bridge, Assessing CAL’s reservation system and process flow examining modifications in travel behaviour and customers’ travel experiences

Members of the Joint Committee are Chairman Gerald Mc Farlane, Nigel Wilson, Richard Edoo, Neil Gajadhar and Nirmala Ramai.