Caribbean Airlines has come under scrutiny by the Joint Select Committee on State Enterprises for their hiring procedures as well as its management of the resources for profitability.

Members of the Airline’s Management Staff appeared before the Committee this morning where various issues regarding the operational and administration practices within the airline were questioned for further clarification.

In addition to issued bonuses that were paid against the recommendations of the committee and 5 year contracts awarded to senior management employees, which was not the norm, the Committee was interested in the stability of the organisation and recommendations that were not addressed.

The airline’s CEO Gavin Medera agreed that these recommendations would be effected but constant change in leadership affected the organisation.

He said the main areas of focus to improve the organisation’s stability are in HR and Technology.
Company Chairman, Shameer Mohammed stated that a draft report was done and will be submitted to the committee, and this would answer some of many questions brought forward.

Chairman of the JSC Independent Senator David Small stated that past recommendations of the committee were not considered or responded to in an adequate or timely manner, which is not in keeping with the process.