Individuals leaving China will not be allowed to enter Trinidad and Tobago for fourteen days after their departure from that country. Heath Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh made the announcement at Thursday’s Post Cabinet Media Conference at the Diplomatic Center (Thursday 30 January 2019). He also said there are no plans to cancel Carnival 2020.

As a preventative measure against the Coronavirus, he said cabinet took the decision to restrict people who are presently living or have visited China regardless of their nationality, from entry into Trinidad and Tobago for fourteen days after leaving China.

Minister Deyalsingh said, “If you left China tomorrow on the first (February) you will not be allowed entry into Trinidad and Tobago until the 14th of February regardless of nationality. Why Fourteen days? The incubation period for the Coronavirus is currently 7 to 14 days… That is how you interrupt transmission of the Coronavirus.”

The Health Minister explained that the travel restriction will come into place once the legal notices are done. Minister Deyalsingh further noted that Trinidad and Tobago has implemented airport screenings to mitigate against the spread of the Coronavirus. He said the global system and Joint Regional Community are working together to prevent the spread of the virus.

Minister Deyalsingh said Trinidad and Tobago has the capability to deal with the Coronavirus in the event the virus hits this country’s shores.