The world’s a crazy place and racism continues to rear its head, sometimes even in the most unexpected of situations. Imagine being a black UPS delivery man, showing up at the doorstep of a white woman’s home to deliver her packages, only to be racially profiled and reported to the cops.

A tense confrontation captured on video in Atlanta shows a white woman repeatedly questioning a Black UPS employee about his “suspicious” behaviour in her neighbourhood, in an incident that has sparked accusations of racism.

UPS employee Nedrick Peters II, 18, recorded two clips of his confrontation with the woman and originally posted them on InstagramWednesday. Peters was delivering packages for UPS as a seasonal worker on Tuesday when the incident occurred, he told Storyful.

The clips do not show the beginning or end of the encounter, but they do show the woman repeatedly telling Peters that she’s “suspicious” and “nervous” about him. She also threatens to call police and UPS to report him.