chuch's chicken 2With elections taking center stage in the country, police officers as well as persons attached to several
security services are on high alert.

One such officer had to draw his weapon on a cd vendor inside fast food outlet, Church’s Chicken on Cor.
Henry Street and Independence Square around quarter to eight last night.

According to several eyewitnesses the officer who is attached to Amalgamated Security Services Ltd, was seen telling
the vendor that he cannot use obscene language in the establishment, after several attempts the vendor went outside and grabbed a glass bottle and re-entered the outlet.

church's chickenAn argument broke out and the security officer was seen telling the vendor to put the bottle down.

After a short while the security guard pulled out his firearm and shot the cd vendor in his leg.

A News Power Now reporter was on the scene and an eye witness gave this account of the incident.

Eyewitness of Church’s Chicken shooting