Cedros fishermen

Fishermen from Cedros island

Cedros fishermen are today saying they have lost all confidence in the systems which have been put in place to protect their industry.

This morning several fishing associations held a press conference to address claims being made by fishermen and friends of the sea regarding the quality of fish in the area.

Since hundreds of dead fish were found in the area, the group headed by Gary Aboud has been calling on the public t0 stop eating fish because it could be dangerous to health.

But today, Dr. Raphael Sebastian, pro for the Cedros fisher field association refuted Mr. Aboud’s claims.

Also speaking at the news conference was president of the bamboo bonifide fishermen association, Anthony Garnet, who said the fishing industry has come to a complete stop.

The fishermen said because of the public statements about the fish, fishermen and their families are now suffering.