Unipet CEO Dexter Riley is today responding to rumours that there will be a shortage of gas at the pumps today.

There have been rumours that there would be a strike and consumers were warned that it would lead to the shortage today.

Speaking in a television interview this morning Riley would not admit to a strike. Rather, he said there will be problems with the ability to purchase gas at Unipet gas stations.

He said that this is the result of challenges within the industry.

He also refused to confirm whether or not there would be a meeting with the Regulator today, however, he did say that Unipet remains committed to working out the issues within the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, social media reports quote the NP Chairman as saying that he does not expect NP service stations to be affected. He said they have been speaking to their dealers and have been given a level of assurance that they will not be shutting down.