Chaguanas Mayor Orlando Nagessar

The Chaguanas Mayor is meeting with the owners of tyre shops in his borough today.

Orlando Nagessar told Newspower Authority the meeting was critical for a number of reasons.

Among them the need to clean up the environment by removing the unsightly piles of tires left behind at the end of the business day, as well as the need to reduce the risk of the spread of dengue, as the tires promoted the collection of mosquito infested waters during heavy rains.

The Chaguanas Mayor explained that there was a proposal on the table to have business owners pay a small fee to have the tyres removed by his Corporation.

And he said this fee is being reviewed in order to make it cheaper for the businessmen.

Meantime Mr. Nagessar is denying reports of a mystery illness in his area.

It was reported that residents of Tanteak Road, Carlsen Field in Chaguanas called on Government to look into a series mystery illnesses which had afflicted the group

They are said to have suddenly come down a host of strange diseases including rashes and other skin lesions, asthma attacks, bronchial infections, wheezing and a range of allergies…and more than 20 children including babies were reportedly affected.

It is believed the situation was being caused by the dusty conditions in that rural community.  According to Mr. Nagessar though the report was inaccurate.

Ironically the children’s plight was said to have come to the plight of Minister of the people Glen Ramadharsingh who had organised a health clinic and brought 2 doctors.