Chaos and confusion at the Public Services Association this morning as members of the general council protest against its leader, Watson Duke for alleged improprieties with members’ dues.


President of the Public Services Association, Watson Duke

Speaking with News Power Now outside of PSA office this morning, Chairman of the Point Fortin section of the PSA Jude Davidson said members are paying dues and not properly represented, neither has an audit taken place to keep track of the union’s finances.


However, the general council members are calling on all public servants to continue paying their dues in light of the union’s mishaps, as the PSA is due for election at the end of this month.

Speaking on issues regarding growth of the union, Curtis Cuffie Chairman of the Public Health section of the PSA said they are working tirelessly to highlight several internal issues overlooked by their President.


PSA first vice president, Christopher Joefield eventually came outside the PSA building to meet with the members, when an argument ensued.

He later assured the members that their concerns will be addressed, by Watson Duke.