The cancellation of the inter island ferry has resulted in chaos and confusion at the Port of Port-of-Spain with passengers left stranded and confused.

The cancellation, according to the Port Authority was due to dangerous sea conditions along the inter island route.

Caribbean Airlines has attempted to assist in solving the issue by picking up the slack and transporting ferry passengers with confirmed tickets to Tobago.

This however led to Caribbean Airlines (CAL) being faced with a backlog of passengers destined for Tobago.

The situation outside the port turned into frustration and anger for passengers with confirmed ferry tickets who were asked to check in at the port first before a shuttle took them to the airport.

However, passengers holding confirmed tickets complained that they had to wait for hours in the sun and rain to be shuttled to Piarco as there was no order to the process and no lines being formed to wait on the shuttles.

Reports say it was only after the media arrived on the scene that police began to ensure there was an orderly system.