Manager of the Charlotte Street Heritage Route Vendors Market, Juliet Davy, is today suggesting that the Port of Spain City Corporation acted in bad faith when it made the decision to remove the vendors from Charlotte Street.

Speaking with News Power Now she revealed that the vendors were initially asked to move so that repairs could be done to Charlotte Street. However the mayor later said that the works were taking longer than expected and there would be further delays in their return.

The Corporation has since said that the vendors will not be allowed to return to Charlotte Street but will instead be relocated to an empty lot on George Street.

Ms. Davy believes the vendors acted in good faith when they agreed to move and says the Corporation should do the same.

She suggested that the Corporation attempted to trick the vendors and used the pretense of infrastructural work to get them to move initially.

She believes that the Corporation should have been upfront with the vendors and told them they intended to move them.