The sudden death of Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman may have been the root cause of comedian and often outspoken personality, Amanda Seales’ online melt down at around midnight last night, however it speaks to the need for friends to support each other during this tremendously trying time in global history.

The Covid-19 pandemic with all its restrictions, has undeniably changed the normal way that all of us socialize and conduct our daily lives. For many around the world, simple things like attending sporting events, going to parties, dressing up and going to dinner with friends and for celebrities, physically attending Award ceremonies and other red carpet events, have suddenly and seemingly become a thing of the past. All of that in tandem with any sudden death of a loved one, could potentially create a level of mental devastation that may have ordinarily been unforeseeable.

Ten hours ago, as many slept, Amanda Seales took to Instagram in tears. Her face was awash with emotional pain and her voice echoed the sound of someone alone and pained by current circumstances. She called on her followers to pray to “whoever” they wanted to, while she prayed to the “universe.”

Seales’ post on social media followed that of one of Trinidad and Tobago’s foremost entertainers, Nadia Batson, who earlier this week, also appealed for friends to check up on friends.