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Chief Justice Called on to Answer Pertinent Questions Related to Alleged Misconduct.

Chief Justice Called on to Answer Pertinent Questions Related to Alleged Misconduct.

Two of the country’s prominent Senior Counsels have called on Chief Justice Ivor Archie to answer questions put to him by a reporter, in relation to a matter involving what is reported to have been his attempt to influence judges on the choice of their own security.

In an exclusive report in yesterday’s Sunday Express, reporter Denyse Renne reported that the Chief Justice called a meeting of members of the judiciary, in which he tried to get them to change from state-provided security, to private arrangements.

The report carried a list of questions put to the Chief Justice, on November 2,and again on November 5 and an 9, asking for his responses in the matter, but no answers had been forthcoming.

In a report in today’s Express newspaper, Martin Daly said the report is Quote, shocking stuff, unquote.

He said it was imperative that the Chief Justice answer the questions put to him on the issue, otherwise, the country may have a big problem.

Senior Counsel Avery Sinanan said this issue adds to the number of controversies in which the Chief Justice and the Judiciary are becoming embroiled, and that this does not augue well for the institution.

If there is a concern about private security for members of the judiciary, then the Chief Justice needs to come out and say it, Mr. Sinanan argues.

The Chief Justice is currently away on official business, attending the inaugural meeting of the International Institute for Justice excellence, of which he has been appointed a member.

He is said to be travelling with Dillian Johnson, said to be a security consultant who is involved with a private security firm.