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Chief Justice Ivor Archie Allegedly Meeting with Attorneys.

Chief Justice Ivor Archie Allegedly Meeting with Attorneys.

There is word today that Chief Justice Ivor Archie has been meeting with a team of attorneys.

According to a report in the Guardian Newspaper this morning, the CJ met with a team of attorneys including Ian Roach and Ian Benjamin yesterday.

Archie returned to this country on Boxing Day after being out of the country for several days on personal business.

In his absence, the committee investigating allegations against him submitted an interim report. The report quoted the President of the Law Association, Douglas Mendes as saying that the Committee will write to the CJ to get his response to the allegations in the public domain.

These include that he sought the assistance of HDC officials for a number of persons, an allegation, which he has admitted to and which retired Chief Justice Michael De La Bastide described as an “error of judgement” on his part.

The CJ is also accused of holding discussions with someone who is not a judge about personal security for judges, a charge which he has denied.

Yesterday social media was flooded with reports that Dillian Johnson the man who has been making public allegations against the Chief Justice had fled to the United Kingdom seeking political asylum.

He was the victim of a shooting outside of home in Gaspirillo over a month ago.

He alleges that a high ranking official and a special forces agent were behind the attack.