The International Women’s Resource Network is issuing a strong plea to both women and men to exercise greater prudence in how they treat with, and manage relationships with their children and their estranged partner.

It says on the heels of the recent murder-suicide involving Samantha Isaacs and Kahriym Garcia; the organization received at least five complaints relating to parental alienation.

The IWRN warns that ending a romantic relationship by no means involves separation of a child from the estranged partner.

It adds that all issues, factors and parties involved in the situation must be objectively considered in an effort to arrive at the best solution needed for peace and harmony.

In a media release the organisation said it continues to witness instances where children are treated as objects with no attention being paid to their feelings regarding issues of divorce and separation.

Meanwhile, the Single Fathers Association of Trinidad and Tobago says dealing with the situation requires a holistic approach.

Single Father’s Association President, Rondell Feeles.

SFATT President, Rondel Feeles, in a News Power Now interview said the group is also appealing for capacity building in this area to be strengthened.

He made it clear that there is no justification for taking someone’s life and called for responsible behaviour especially in sensitive situations.