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Citizens are being assured that feces on beaches will be addressed

Among the many important findings in a recent Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) report that have caught the attention of citizens is the fact that bathing beach water quality was found to be poor at several popular areas including: Near the mouth of the Maracas River, Maracas Bay, Eastern section of Las Cuevas Bay, Mid bay to the western section of William’s Bay, Chaguaramas in the wet season, Western section of Chagville Bay, South of King’s Wharf, San Fernando, North of King’s Wharf at Spring Vale Point and off the iron ladder south of the seawall, North of Yacht Club, San Fernando.

A recent release revealed that Cabinet has agreed to an action plan for the period 2017-2020 and an inter-Ministerial Committee has been established to guide the plan’s implementation.

Among the objectives of this action plan is the promotion and enhancement of pollution control and waste management activities to ensure minimal adverse impact on human health and on coastal ecosystems. Improving watershed management, promoting installation of appropriate sanitation/waste management systems in coastal communities, regulating unplanned development and boosting the capacity of regulatory agencies so they may be better able to encourage compliance to legal provisions will all take place in order to meet this objective.

The IMA will also continue its monitoring and reporting programme on the water quality of these bathing beaches.