police_trinidadThe country is in uproar this morning following news yesterday that a pregnant woman who had been on her way to give birth to her

child via C Section at the St. Augustine Private Hospital, was instead held back by police officers and ticketed for using the Priority Bus


On social media and even on radio and television, the public is condemning the actions of the police officer who is said to have directed

a female officer to issue a ticket to the woman’s husband- who had been driving the vehicle at the time. The victim, identified only as

Arlene to the media, was forced to delay her journey with no empathy extended by the TTPS officer, and according to her doctor,

Sherene Kalloo, in a social media post on Sunday, the result could have been the death of the baby.

Fortunately, both child and mother are fine, however the police officer and the Trinidad and Tobago police service have come in for

much condemnation in the wake of this news.